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In 2009, American geologist Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) travels to India to meet his friend Satnam, who has discovered that neutrinos from a massive solar flare have penetrated the Earth and are causing the temperature of its core to increase rapidly. Adrian returns to Washington D.C. to inform White House Chief of Staff Carl Anheuser (Oliver Platt) and US President Thomas Wilson (Danny Glover) that this will instigate a chain of events that will bring about the end of the world. Watch this and other movies online for free at

Roast Quail With Sauce Recipe. Piquant roast quail flambéed with aromatic prunes and Armagnac. Delight in our Roast Quail With Sauce recipe.

In which our heroes must seize a cargo of unfathomable treasure in the face of an elite corps of Royal Confederated soldiers. One of our heroes will die… probably. Okay, not really, but your watching now, so the hook works.