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A week before Thanksgiving, health experts are reminding Americans of the importance of safely preparing their turkeys. Over the past year, a salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey has sickened 164 people. CBS News’ Hilary Lane reports.

This is the amusing moment a group of turkeys attacked a US college student who was trying to get to class.

The funny scene, which was captured last Monday at California Polytechnic State University, shows the three large birds following the student down the street.

The student repeatedly tries to shoo the persistent turkeys away by waving a glove at them but they continue to give chase.

Eventually, the student climbs into a passing SUV and drives off but even then the turkeys run after the vehicle.

A border collie in Northern England is a turkey-herding master. Farmer John Wright says “Molly the Collie” may have been born a sheep herder, but it turns out she can round up 1,400 turkeys in record time. The 4-year-old dog was introduced to the birds when she was a puppy, so he says the skill comes naturally. In a video from 2017, she shows off her skills.’s Lisa Voyticki has more.

An ingenious farmer has found a new way to keep his turkeys in check – by herding them with a SHEEP DOG.

Frustrated with foxes picking off his birds during the night, John Wright realised Molly the collie had a talent for turkey hustling three years ago.

With 1,400 turkeys to keep in check, John revealed it could take up to four people around three hours to get the birds back inside their shed every night.


Directed by
Karthik Venugopalan

Direction team:
S Hariharan Ram
Swineeth S Sukumar
Anand K
Rajkumar Kandhasamy
Yuvaraj Chinnasamy

Sudhir Azeez Babu

Camera team:
Arun Arumugam
Godson Gnanaraj
Adan Aravind

Editing & Vfx:
Gokul Venkat

Ganesh Subramanian

Bala Muruga

Chutti Aravind
Sri Vidya
Balaji Thiyagarajan Dayalan

In this funny animal video, a sheep charges an unsuspecting fisherman and knocks him right into the lake.

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