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Weekly Livestock Market Update with Scott Brown (5/27/16)

RACING EXTINCTION premieres in more than 220 countries and territories around the world Wednesday, December 2 at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery.

The biggest factor in mass extinction is converting natural animal habitat to land used for food production. Over three quarters of all agricultural land is used just to support the production of livestock. See how our way of producing food is contributing to a major pollution problem.

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See the horrors that face horses at Livestock Auctions every day. Help us help them.
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This was at Roseville Livestock Auction.

Intro to livestock fence bracing, putting up corners in a livestock fencing project, and a quick review on a fence stretcher. Check this video and other tips out on my Learn2Farm youtube channel.

As a new farmer, fencing has been by far the most extensive and intimidating project I have taken on. This video gives you the basic components of a corner brace setup and how to make it. When in doubt, bigger is better on corner posts and braces.

Also, you should take a serious look at this stretching tool. I have tried others, but this tool gets barbed wire tight and is VERY easy to operate. There is no long setup, not a whole lot of parts, and gets a fence tight as any fence I have ever inspected.

If you’ve ever had problems trying to keep livestock in your pasture, (or keeping predators OUT) you need to watch this. One GREAT way to insure your animals stay where you want them to… is with an electric fence.

I’ll show you how easy it is to set up an electric fence, and also show you several different wires, insulators and grounding systems. I’ll even give you a great tip that I’ve learned on creating an even better ground system. It’s essential that an electric fence has a good ground, and my little trick will insure that it does :)

So, if you HAVE livestock now, or think you’ll have them someday, check out this video. Utilizing an electric fence can simplify your ability to keep your livestock in… and is a LOT cheaper than building permanent fencing. This is also the best way to practice rotational grazing.

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There are so many components and options to building an electric fence that I can’t link to them all. Check out the link below…

…then click on “Farm Supplies”. I have several components listed.

To look at the Patriot Fence Chargers like I showed here, go to:

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Free Range Narragansett Turkeys

Practice alongside a proven turkey calling master in our how-to turkey call series. In this instructional, how-to mouth call video, 14x National Turkey Calling Champion Chris Parrish helps turkey hunters understand when and how to call for gobblers in the Spring. Learn from the best and listen as a Knight & Hale expert demonstrates proper calling techniques on a diaphragm (mouth) Call. These are the best turkey calling tips for intermediate turkey hunters.

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The banks Rio Grande river is where you’ll find Team Primos this week as they get in on an incredible Rio Hunt.

There’s nothing like the sights and sounds of a spring turkey hunt.

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