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The crazy easy things I do every day to feed my flock of chickens for just $1.25. No really… the whole grain trick, fish meal, farm goods, and any old (and weird) stuff out of the fridge, and more (RESOURCES BELOW):

My article on 19 “creative feeds” to cut your feed bill 100%:

FREE (downloadable) action plan for implementing creative feeds:

Rule of 3rds:
1/3 (or 1/9 of a pound) animal protein.
1/3 of green (scraps, fruits/veggies, grass, hay etc..)
1/3 of grains (wild or farmed).

My whole grain feed mix:

30% Corn
30% Wheat
20% Field Peas
10% Oats
10% Fish Meal (if you’re not providing other animal proteins).
2% Nutri-balancer

Free choice Kelp
Free Choice Aragonite
Free Choice egg shells and oyster shells (if needed).

Where we source our non-GMO grains/minerals:

Previously I have done a series called Space Chickens that combined Galacticraft and Chococraft in an adventure to bring Chickens to Space. With the help of rubysown from the mindcrack subreddit we have a new modpack with those same mods as well as a handful of other mods that will work with this theme. I hope you guys enjoy, I am super excited.

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Funny chicken videos 2015, chickens are funny and cute animals. chicken can be also pretty good pet bird. Then chickens being petted that make them cute. In this Cute chicken compilation we want to show this awesome and cute pet birds. VIEW MORE FUNNY VIDEOS:


Chicken funny moments

Never ever put new babies in with older hens. The big ones will always beat up the little ones and kill them. When you put chickens together they have to be the same size. Chickens don’t know age they just know size.

In the winter when you’re feeding whole corn, make double triple sure you have plenty of grit available at all times. It takes a lot of grit to grind up the whole corn.

De-worming your chickens is very important. Three times a year put a half cup of diatomaceous earth in the continuous feeder. Or use 1 tablespoon of diatomaceous per chicken in the continuous feeder.

Keep the water clean. If the water isn’t clean the chickens will get sick.

Make sure the coop has sunshine and shade. And they need good privacy in the nest area and sleeping area.

raiman raving rabbits 2 trailer
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Dead Rabbits – Alright (demo)

Local farmer Greg Dike of Menifee county has some unique livestock. In a state full of cows and horses, people driving by his farm do a double take as they pass a field full of Yaks.