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Funny chicken videos 2015, chickens are funny and cute animals. chicken can be also pretty good pet bird. Then chickens being petted that make them cute. In this Cute chicken compilation we want to show this awesome and cute pet birds. VIEW MORE FUNNY VIDEOS:


Chicken funny moments

Never ever put new babies in with older hens. The big ones will always beat up the little ones and kill them. When you put chickens together they have to be the same size. Chickens don’t know age they just know size.

In the winter when you’re feeding whole corn, make double triple sure you have plenty of grit available at all times. It takes a lot of grit to grind up the whole corn.

De-worming your chickens is very important. Three times a year put a half cup of diatomaceous earth in the continuous feeder. Or use 1 tablespoon of diatomaceous per chicken in the continuous feeder.

Keep the water clean. If the water isn’t clean the chickens will get sick.

Make sure the coop has sunshine and shade. And they need good privacy in the nest area and sleeping area.

raiman raving rabbits 2 trailer
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Dead Rabbits – Alright (demo)

Local farmer Greg Dike of Menifee county has some unique livestock. In a state full of cows and horses, people driving by his farm do a double take as they pass a field full of Yaks.

We heard about a festival in Mongolia where nomadic cowboys race giant long-horned Yaks across the open countryside so we decided to go check it out.

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VICE travels to the vast epic-ness of Khovsgol Province in northern Mongolia to check in on the second annual Yak Festival. Mongolians revere the mighty yak for powering Genghis Khan’s bloody rampage through Asia and Europe. And for their pretty hair. The festival showcased nature’s fanciest cows in an array of yak-related activities including yak wrangling, yak rodeo, yak cheese-tasting, as well as the main event, a balls to the wall yak race across the steppe. The Kentucky Derby this is not.

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བོད་ – 西藏 – Tibet: This vast high plateau is home to wild and domesticated yaks. They provide a livelihood for farmers and nomadic herders across the ‘Tibet Autonomous Region’ and the Chinese provinces Qinghai and Sichuan. The Tibetan Plateau, four times the size of France (1000km by 2500km ), is the most extensive plateau in the world. With a mean altitude of around 4500 metres, it is also the highest in the world. The yak is at home on this bleak and windswept plateau and in the Himalayas in the south-west.