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nijlganzen deel 2, Egyptian geese

Canadian Geese on a practice run before migration season. Video shot in Reseda Park, Reseda, CA
Soundtrack by Samuel Cernuto

​An amusing video has emerged of a goose helping its family to cross a road safely on a country road in Kent, UK.

The footage, captured near the village of Guston, shows the geese crossing the road at a comically slow pace as the driver and passenger can be heard laughingly voicing their frustration.

“Travelling down a country road near the village of Guston near Dover, Kent I come across a single goose standing in the road simply staring at me,” the filmer wrote online.

“I slowed down, and I approached thinking I may have an issue trying to navigate past it, for it wouldn’t move at all,” he continued.

“As I crawled closer I could see a few more geese standing at the side of the road. The moment I come to a stop, the goose in the road called it’s friends along and they continued to cross the road. As my partner, Demi, said it was like the goose was a lollypop lady!”

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Balita Pilipinas Ngayon rounds up the top stories from around the PhilippinesGMA’s regional stations in Luzon, Visayas, and MIndanao. It’s hosted by Mark …

The cattle-drawn caravans that once roamed the cities are evolving. Howie Severino meets a modern-day viajero. (Aired January 28, 2013) I-Witness Mondays, …

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Ostrich in Safari, Funny and annoying.

David Freiheit recently visited an ostrich farm in Saint-Eustache in Quebec to collect an ostrich egg, after waiting two months to receive the call. David’s plan to hardboil the egg eventually came to fruition. Credit: YouTube/Viva Frei