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my friend messes up the song due to not knowing the lyrics of the Water Buffalo Song by The Veggietales.

Me and my sister doing a lip sync to The Water Buffalo Song, a silly song from Veggietales, in double speed.

I do not own anything of this clip, all content belongs to its respective owners.

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Concert de The Horses le 26 mai 2007 pour les 20 ans de la Lune des Pirates.

안녕하세요 Dingo Music(딩고 뮤직) 입니다. 이번 영상은 Birdy(버디)의 ‘Wild Horses’ 세로라이브! 함께 볼까요? – Dingo Music 구독하기 –….

Band of Horses Live at O2 Academy Leeds, Leeds, UK 19 Feb 2107
Watch Full Concert Here :
Band of Horses 0 Live at O2 Academy Leeds, Leeds, UK Formation World Tour
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Live Concert Band of Horses O2 Academy Leeds, Leeds, UK 2016
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