MLP: Friendship Is Magic
Season 5 Episode ”Party Pooped”
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Two weeks trek though the Swiss Jura mountain range from Lac de Joux to Bressaucourt (Porrentruy) with two yaks in spring 2013.

Promotional video for the cattle yak. John Hooper’s Yak and Christmas Tree Ranch. This video gives a great overview of a Tibetan yak ranch in Minnesota. It highlights the advantages of raising yak for meat. Mr. Hooper is actively involved in breeding yak and selling quality breeding stock.

John Hooper

Can you believe that in all of YouTube, there isn’t a video of Yakety Yak sung by Yaks?!? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either, so me and my kid made one. Hope you enjoy it.

108 yaks a journey of love & freedom is a remarkable and original story about bearing hardship for the love of the gentle and peaceful yak. Inspired by the advice of his guru Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, a monk leads a herd of Himalayan yaks across a rugged terrain of mountain passes, narrow valleys, freezing rivers and treacherous cliffs to a remote haven in the high grasslands of northeastern Nepal. Every step taken on this brave journey is to save these wonderful animals and grant them liberation.

Produced and directed by Geshe Thubten Jinpa (Kopan Monastery)

For more information on benefiting animals, please visit

We heard about a festival in Mongolia where nomadic cowboys race giant long-horned Yaks across the open countryside so we decided to go check it out.

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VICE travels to the vast epic-ness of Khovsgol Province in northern Mongolia to check in on the second annual Yak Festival. Mongolians revere the mighty yak for powering Genghis Khan’s bloody rampage through Asia and Europe. And for their pretty hair. The festival showcased nature’s fanciest cows in an array of yak-related activities including yak wrangling, yak rodeo, yak cheese-tasting, as well as the main event, a balls to the wall yak race across the steppe. The Kentucky Derby this is not.

Originally aired in 2011 on http://VICE.com

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