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This is the adorable moment a puppy and a buffalo showed their affection for each other.

The video shows the five-month-old Golden Retriever named Sumo snuggling up to a Thai water buffalo named Mali.

They were even nuzzling each other’s cheeks. Farmer, Suwit U-kham, captured the sweet scene while he was looking for the puppy to feed him some snacks near the barn in Mukdahan, northeastern Thailand, on February 19.

Suwit said: “I was looking for Sumo to feed him lunch and I finally found him with Mali. They were like teenagers in love.”

India’s traditional Kambala race sees buffaloes sprint through watery trenches in Karnataka.

Participants sprint through a field, which is normally either 132m or 142m, with two buffalo that are tethered together.

Initially, it was about getting the slushy paddy fields ready for sowing – the running buffaloes thoroughly churned the soil but it has since turned into a race.

In the past, the Kambala sport has attracted strong criticism from animal rights groups.

PETA had earlier approached the Karnataka High Court alleging Kambala involves cruelty to animals. The high court agreed and banned the sport, which led to mass outrage.

However, soon after, the state government passed an ordinance or executive order to allow it, subject to some conditions.

This footage was filmed on February 29.

Across the globe–from the remote villages and cities of Indonesia, Eastern Europe, South America, and Bangladesh–“If I Had a Water Buffalo” poignantly details an unending journey of discovery for Dr. Marilyn Fitzgerald. Her global efforts, working as a conduit between donors and recipients, provide an unparalleled opportunity to observe, learn from successes and failures, and ultimately focus on finding a better way. A way for those less fortunate that is not paved with uncertainty and dependency but rather built upon a foundation of voice, dignity, choice, empowerment, and a means to achieve self-sufficiency.Divided into three parts, “If I Had a Water Buffalo” begins with both heartwarming and heart-wrenching stories of Dr. Fitzgerald?s efforts to visit the international projects and then return home to face a never-ending cycle of soliciting the necessary funding or resources to support the projects and needs of individuals less fortunate. Individuals deprived of opportunities many take for granted but resolute in their determination to seek a better tomorrow for their families. One such individual?s singular request for a water buffalo proved to be the catalyst that placed Dr. Fitzgerald on her path of discovery.Presented in the remaining two parts of “If I Had a Water Buffalo” are the integration of Dr. Fitzgerald?s academic efforts into the discovery process and concludes with lessons learned; lessons shared. A return to academic life, somewhat unexpected and an interruption to the straight forward path projected, proved to be a fortunate detour, providing a sharper focus on the destination and a smoother, straighter path to continue forward. Offered in Part Three are lessons learned; lessons shared, which represent not the end of the discovery process for Dr. Fitzgerald but merely a brief pause along the way.Lessons shared in “If I Had a Water Buffalo” transcend their source and may be adopted by businesses, institutions, schools, parents and individuals seeking the best possible sustainable outcomes to life?s situations.

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