Water Buffaloes

I have to admit, this song was fun and tricky at the same time, but it didnt take long before I managed to stealth all the way through it (though not on this video).This song is called Vector Point Engineering Water Buffalo (Quite a Mouthful xD), by Jason Prophecy Miller. Its a remixed arrangement of one of the original NES Earthbound songs from the game. The song originates from a music project or compilation called Bound Together, which is basically music from the game remixed, created, compiled, and composed by other remixers, including Prophecy.\r
You can look here to download the song(s) yourself:\r
You probably have never heard about this guy before, and neither have I, but I know that his compositions, even his old ones, were pure gold.especially to those hardcore Super Nintendo fans out there, since he based some of his creations, arrangements, and remixes based on a few Nintendo/Super Nintendo franchises such as Super Metroid, Earthbound. Yoshis Island, and Donkey Kong.\r
Now for those of you who dont know what the game in this video is, it is called Audiosurf. Its basically a really chill game of which you can play with ANY song you want of any genre [unlike games such as Guitar Hero, Rockband, or DJ hero, which limit you to play only certain songs], and the objective is to hit the colored blocks and avoid the grey blocks. Its kind of a combination of Tetris, F-Zero and Frequency.except youre trying to build a massive amount of color blocks for more points. The more red the blocks are, the more points you get. Redder blocks appear at the MOST INTENSIVE parts of the song, though its challenging because it surfs really fast and also more grey blocks surround the red blocks.\r
Theres other types of ways you can play this game, which require more skill, so I never get bored.\r
Anyway, its a good way to spend 10 bucks if you dont feel like playing anything else on a Sunday Afternoon.\r
As usual. I will try to bring you gameplay footage at its highest quality possible. Footage here has been encoded using Sony Vegas 9.0c rendered on 1280×720 @ 60FPS, all at BEST settings using wmv 11 encoding.\r
(c) 2008 Audiosurf, LLC. All rights reserved.\r
Song is (c) by Jason Prophecy Miller without intentions of promotion or monetary gain.

italians79 vs Water Buffalo in Hong Kong

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Water Buffalo Song~by Superchic[k]

taken from Veggie Tales

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Legend has it that a monk on the outskirts of Bangkok became famous for his desire to build a massive monument to the Asian Water Buffalo out of 10,000 of their skulls. When we made the pilgrimage to this temple, however, all we found was a dusty pile of bones.

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The Water Buffalo Song BACKWARDS! (With Lyrics :D)

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