According to Geek.com two turkeys are competing for the president’s annual Thanksgiving turkey pardoning. According to a press statement from the White House,.two South Dakotan turkeys, are up for the title of National Thanksgiving Turkey at the White House. Twitter users can vote for their favorite turkey on the White House’s Twitter account.

Storey s Guide to Raising Turkeys, 3rd Edition (Storey s Guide to Raising (Paperback))
By : Don

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Ray Eye kicks off Chasing Spring 2011 with a turkey hunting trip in Florida. Here’s the latest footage from that hunt. Watch his friends call in and take down some birds. Learn more about this hunt and others like it on the Chasing Spring website.

Man films turkeys walking across street on Thanksgiving

examine the butt or the turkys

www.ptvsports.tv The 60-year-old premier, who was a semi-professional footballer in his youth, scored a silk-toed hat-trick during the match, which was organised to mark the opening of a new arena for Istanbul’s Basaksehir football team. Playing alongside an impromptu team consisting of TV presenters, a renowned Turkish basketball player and his own mayor of Istanbul, Mr Erdogan slotted home three goals before being substituted at half time. His team went on to win the contest 9-4. The contest was played on a reduced pitch – perhaps in deference to the advancing years of some of the participants. Nevertheless, the tub-thumping support from those at the stadium created a febrile atmosphere. www.ptvsports.net

Full E-book Whether you dream of mounting a prize bird over the mantle or are inspired to photograph turkeys in their natural environment, this comprehensive guide includes everything you need to successfully observe, track, and hunt wild turkeys. Offering an overview of turkey habitats, distribution, feeding patterns, and mating rituals, John J. Mettler Jr. provides expert advice on safety, clothing, weapons, equipment, field dressing, and even cooking wild turkey. Who?s ready for a turkey hunt? For Kindle

This guy was crossing a turkey farm and decided to something funny with the birds. He made a gobble sound, and the turkeys responded at once by gobbling together.

Meet the adorable baby turkeys of FREE BIRDS !
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FREE BIRDS Movie Clip # 3
“Baby Turkeys”
Directed by Jimmy Hayward
Starring Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler
Release Date : November 1st, 2013 in 3D
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