Deep frying turkeys at Thanksgiving can get hairy. So insurance company State Farm enlisted the help of Si and Jase Robertson from the hit show ‘Duck Dynasty’ to dish out some helpful safety tips. The guys follow in the footsteps of William Shatner, who starred in the viral commercials in 2011. Kristina Behr (@kristinabehr) has the scoop.

This new video by Farm Sanctuary exposes the truth behind commercial turkey production, explores why these sensitive, social animals are worthy of our protection and encourages viewers to adopt a new Thanksgiving tradition.

To learn more about how you can help make this Thanksgiving a peaceful one for turkeys everywhere, visit http://www.adoptaturkey.org

Turkeys ride …. and no chicks lol

Wild turkeys, once common across New England, are back after disappearing from the region in the 19th century and are now regularly spotted in rural fields, suburban neighborhoods and even the airspace above interstate highways.
The revival is considered one of the major wildlife restoration success stories, even making it into wildlife management textbooks, said Mark Scott, director of wildlife for the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Every year, The White House pardons a turkey and we are here to answer all your questions about this tradition.

President Donald Trump has pardoned two Thanksgiving turkeys and joked about allowing those that President Obama pardoned last year to live. Report by Duffys. Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/itn and follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/itn

The Mission at Kern in need of turkeys and canned good donations ahead of Thanksgiving

This is my worst nightmare. Two wild turkeys decide to put up a fight and start chasing an innocent boy. His mom just laughed at him from inside the car but luckily he was able to escape.
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Every single bird pardoned at the White House in previous years is dead. During President Barack Obama’s reign, six were spared from cooking and given a free pass to live out their rest of their days at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate and none of them lived too long.

The annual pardoning of turkeys isn’t as great a deal for the saved birds as it may seem.

Every single bird pardoned at the white House in previous years is dead. During President Barack Obama’s reign, six were spared from cooking and given a free pass to live out the rest of their days at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.

Sadly, those half dozen creatures didn’t live too long. Standard, captive birds are bred to end up on a kitchen table. They are typically fattened up and slaughtered after a few short months, which may be contributing to the White House turkey curse.

The director at Mount Vernon in charge of livestock, Dean Norton elaborated stated “they are fed high protein diet and they get quite large. The organs, though, that are in this bird are meant for a smaller bird. They just can’t handle the extra weight, so they end up living not as long as wild turkeys.”

Last year, the two pardoned turkeys, named Cobbler and Gobbler died less than a year after being granted a life of luxury, even though workers at Mount Vernon estate ensured they had the best veterinary care. Let’s hope this year’s privileged birds will live a lot longer.