CARINA POINT performs the song “CHRONICLES OF A BLACK SHEEP” for BalconyTV.
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Carina Point is an alternative country band that originated in Charleston, South Carolina. It is comprised of three total members being that of Erik Abrahamsson, Chandler Brownand Alex Orrell-Jones and the group formed in January of 2014.

In June 2014, the group worked on an EP with Tyler Ward Studios that released on December, 9th 2014. Carina Point is currently on tour throughout the southeast portion of the U.S. and they will begin a tour through the midwest and northeast during the summer of 2015. With much in the mix and a long way to go, the group has a unique sound and they bring something new to the industry. Chandler Brown, the groups vocalists, uses the term Yallternative (A mix between country and alternative) to describe the music that they produce.

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Thomas Champagne- Audio Engineer, Joe Davies- Director of Photography, Becca Finley- Producer/ Chief Creative, Taylor Marchbanks- Audio Engineer, Amanda Muirhead- Host/ Assistant Producer

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OLD HORNED SHEEP performs the song “BLACKBIRD” for BalconyTV.
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Оркестр традиционной музыки “Old Horned Sheep” был создан в 1996 году.
Группа выпустила пять альбомов, выступала на фолк-фестивалях в Финляндии и Латвии, сотрудничала с известными исполнителями народной музыки (скрипачом Генри Фидлером, волынщиком Падди Кинаном). Ежегодно выступает на большом фестивале “День св.Патрика” в Санкт-Петербурге и регулярно даёт сольные концерты как для детей, так и для взрослых.
Основу репертуара составляют проверенные временем народные мелодии и песни Ирландии, Шотландии, Франции, Финляндии, Латвии, Америки и России.
Музыканты экспериментируют с различными направлениями современной музыки, не теряя при этом живого фольклорного звучания.
Наряду с традиционными для такой музыки инструментами (фидл, арфа, флейта, банджо, гармошка), используются саксофон, контрабас и ударную установку.

“Old Horned Sheep” is a traditional music band from St Petersburg, Russia. Formed in 1996, it became one of the first Russian bands performing traditional Irish tunes, represented later in its first album To Drive the Cold Winter Away (1997). The initial passion for the Irish culture was then broadened to include the musical traditions of many other nations. Now the geography of music interests of the band ranges from folk tunes of the British Isles (mostly Ireland and Scotland) through Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Baltic countries) to country and western music including Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan cover versions. Originating from Russia, the band has a special treatment of Russian folk songs invariably popular with the audience. Generally following the principles of folk music, the arrangements are, however, experimental to some extent, with the inclusions of various styles and genres of modern music. That’s because the musicians try to adjust tunes to their own feeling and style, still being true to the roots and spirit of traditional music.

“Old Horned Sheep” has participated in various folk festivals both in Russia and Europe, and for almost 20 years has headlined St. Patrick’s Festival in St Petersburg. Favoring live concerts, the band was among the originators of folk dancing in St Petersburg and is still one of the chief encouragers of different folk dance events. The band’s performances are very often accompanied by live dancing and are always filled with energy, cheerfulness and a holiday atmosphere.

Though the priority has been given to live performances at concerts and festivals, “Old Horned Sheep” has several studio records. The latest of them – Farm Sessions – was presented to the audience in February, 2014.

Old Horned Sheep Discography:
To Drive the Cold Winter Away (1997)
Kep & Co “Синглъ” (mini-album) (2006)
Storm Warning (2011)
Farm Sessions (2014)

Video and Photography : Nastasia Maslennikova, Eva Kuligina
Sound : Seva Gakkel, Mark Titov
Editing : Nastasia Maslennikova, Eva Kuligina
PR: Slobodenyuk Anna
Production Assistant : Alexandre Senin, Olga Ogneva
Producer : Seva Gakkel
Brought to you in association with 3MostA Hotel

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8 Take Away
8 March 2007
Shaun and the flock try to get some pizza, posing as a person. Shaun, an unusually bright and clever sheep, lives with his flock at Mossy Bottom Farm, a traditional small northern English farm. In each episode, their latest attempt to add excitement to their dull mundane life as livestock somehow snowballs into a fantastic sitcom-style escapade, most often with the help of their fascination with human doings and devices. This usually brings them into conflict—and often into partnership—with the farm sheepdog Bitzer, while they all are simultaneously trying to avoid discovery by the Farmer.
Shaun the Sheep is a British stop-motion animated television series and spin-off of the Wallace and Gromit franchise. The series stars Shaun — a sheep previously featured in the 1995 short film A Close Shave and in the Shopper 13 short film from the 2002 Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions series — and his madcap adventures around a small farm as the leader of his flock.

Shaun is the protagonist of the series and, despite being the skinniest of them all, the leader of the flock. He is a clever, confident sheep, prone to mischief but equally adept at getting himself and/or his friends out of it. As there is no dialogue, like all the sheep he communicates entirely through bleating, and often explains his ideas to the flock by drawing diagrams on a blackboard. He has a good friendship with Bitzer, though this does not stop him from playing pranks on him at times.
Bitzer is the farmer’s loyal, long-suffering sheepdog, dressed for work in a blue knit cap, black collar, knitted wristlet and large official-looking wrist-watch, carrying a clipboard and walking upright or on all fours as needed. He communicates, canine-fashion, via barks, growls, and the occasional whimper. He also gives instructions to the flock by blowing a whistle. Despite a tendency to be caught out listening to music, he takes his job very seriously, to the point of occasionally letting his power go to his head. He is however a generally good friend to Shaun and does his best to keep the whole flock out of trouble.
Shirley is the largest member of the flock. A gentle giant, she is usually seen placidly eating, though she’s intimidating enough to have defended Shaun from Pidsley the cat. She’s so big that large objects routinely disappear into (or are deliberately hidden in) her fleece, and she quite often gets stuck herself, needing the other sheep to push, pull or even sling-shot her out of trouble. However, her size can also come in very handy when what’s needed is a battering ram or similarly immovable object.
Timmy, Shaun’s cousin, is the flock’s only lamb, and thus often the innocent centre of the chaos. He appears to be a toddler in this series, and is often seen sucking a dummy. The spinoff series Timmy Time chronicles his later adventures in preschool.
Timmy’s Mother, Shaun’s aunt, wears curlers in her topknot and is a bit careless about maternal duties, even using Timmy once as a makeshift paint brush. But when her offspring goes astray, she is inconsolable until he is safely back in her care.
Nuts, is quite an eccentric, but useful sheep and usually like the rest of the flock, accompanies and helps Shaun. But the thing that makes him stand out from the flock is that he has two different shaped eyes and a different shaped nose.
Hazel, Hazel’s nerves often get the better of her – she’s a timid little sheep who jumps at the slightest thing and can frequently be heard bleating nervously. When Farmer’s caravan rolls off towards the city, Hazel can barely contain her fear – this is the stuff of nightmares! But when she finds herself carried along with the rest of the Flock in hot pursuit of a runaway caravan, Hazel discovers she’s much braver than she ever imagined, and that while life in the city might be scary, it’s good to face your fears every now and again.
The Flock, like typical sheep, tend to follow Shaun and one another, are obedient to orders and generally form one big happy if sometimes fractious family group. Unlike Shaun, however, they are not particularly bright, which becomes a problem when combined with their ongoing fascination with the human world. It’s usually Shaun and Bitzer who sort out the resulting mess.