Health and Efficiency S02E02 Not Tested on Rabbits

Taking our Rorschach test, Alan Cumming spots a familiar figure. Get a glimpse inside his mind as he prepares to play Dr. Dylan Reinhart, an expert on psychopaths, on the new CBS drama Instinct. Watch the series premiere on Sunday, Mar. 18 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

How to raise rabbits. Rabbit management.\r

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Kylie and I visit some pet stores and meet a bunch of cray animals. THIS VLOG IS LIT.\r
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Reading Festival 2014: We catch up with Mayday Parade, Emily’s Army, Hacktivist, Bad Rabbits and Vales backstage. #KerrangReading2014

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We’ve all got to face our fear from time to time, but when that fear is jumping in to your garden every day, that’s when it becomes a problem…

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