The melting snow in Germany has caused some serious flooding problems, which spelled trouble for a nest of rabbits that were suddenly stranded on a tiny island created by the floods. Rescuers noticed the bunnies from the other side of the rising waters. So they inflated their rafts and one of them paddled out to save the bunnies and return them to a safe natural habitat. 

If you’ve got a rabbit problem – and if you can find them, it’s the F-Team (like the A-Team, but with ferrets). The lads from Somerset Rabbit Control have a hedge along a busy road to ferret today. They cover all the visible holes with nets, they put the ferrets down the holes and they wait until the rabbits run out. then they are on to them like Usain Bolt.

This item appears in Fieldsports Britain, episode 258. To watch the show on YouTube, go to http://bit/ly/fieldsportsbritain258

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James Marchington is hunting rabbits on the Isle of Skye at long distance with only a sub-12-ft/lb airgun. he explains how he can kill a rabbit at more than 80 yards with a an ordinary .177 PCP.

This item appeared in AirHeads, episode 20. To watch the whole show on YouTube, go to http://bit.ly/airheads20

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Forever Stranded! We seem to have an infestation of rabbits in our base…

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