Silly Symphony-Three Little Pigs

One of my old videos reuploded frome my old channle enjoy :)

Jackie Chan Adventures – Episode 58 – When Pigs Fly

Jackie and Jade are already onto the next noble animal – The Rooster Egbert, Power of Levitation! In Malaysia with the Rooster having discovered its unique Power of Levitation already and is floating all around the landscape. After catching it, Jackie is told by Uncle to head to Kansas to locate another noble animal – The Pig Mordegai, Power of incandescent eyes. While there Egbert teams up with Mordegai and catching the two along with convincing the Mordegai owners into letting it come with them becomes a bit more difficult. But in the end, despite everything that was done, Daolon Wong succeeded in absorbing the Talisman powers from both animals.

Jackie Chan Adventures Season 3

Daolon Wong and the Dark Hand simultaneously attack Section 13 in search of the Talismans. In an attempt to stop them, Jackie accidentally destroys the Talismans but this scattered their power around the world, this time to reside in host animals. Now, Jackie must find the most noble animal of each zodiac symbol before Daolon Wong takes possession of the scattered powers.