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My lovely Birds! My Pigeons… :-)
A baby pigeon coming out from the egg.
Photo and video by me, Taqi Yaseer Rahman Pritom.

Argentina Dove Hunting,Chasse Pigeons,Pigeon Shooting
Argentina Dove Hunting,Chasse Pigeons,Pigeon Shooting

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Different types of pigeons.


Published on Oct 20, 2015
Free video about pigeon feeding. This free video was created for you by http://epsos.de and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the attribution of epSos.de as the original author of this pigeon feeding video.

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Bird feeders stimulate interest in ornithology and triggers aesthetic experiences related to bird watching, and organized in schools shaping behavior environmentally friendly. Well kept feeding may be one of the forms of active conservation. A similar function can meet the birds leave the disposal of certain plants (weeds), grass seed, fruit on trees and shrubs. From the ecological point of view, feeding birds but there is no great significance for the survival and subsequent breeding success – the availability of food is in fact only one of the factors affecting them.

Feeding increases the risk of spreading diseases, because birds congregate in one place, and that often feed mixed with feces. The birds are coming to feeders of different species that in the wild usually do not touch each other directly, thus increasing the risk of transmission of diseases and parasites.

Changing natural feeding behaviors – eg. Birds winter rather than fly south, they lose their innate fear of man or get used to one food source and are no longer searching for him. When, for example. Because of bad weather, the man interrupts feeding, it can cause the death of birds waiting passively for food. Some occur in Poland waterfowl, for example. Mute swans, almost completely lost their migratory instincts.

The city pigeon or street pigeon is a bird from the family of pigeons. It comes from feral domestic and racing pigeons from that from the rock pigeon were grown. From wild and semi-wild city pigeons is already in the writings of antiquity reported. They are found worldwide today. The pigeon has a body length of 31 up to 34 cm. It is smaller than the wood pigeon and has a shorter tail. The plumage is very variable. Their shape often resembles the rock pigeon, some of the numerous plumage variations see the rock pigeon very similar. Otherwise, white gray patterned, uniform dark gray or dark brown, or dark red dove pied color variations occur. The iris is red or brown.

There have emerged the regional specificity. In Birmingham a kind of own race or subspecies has developed: the Birmingham Great Dove. She is black and coarse than other city pigeons. The road or city pigeons in the Spanish Sevilla on the other hand are mainly white and breed where appropriate also in tree cavities.

The habitat of the city pigeons are the cities around the world. City pigeons come but also outside of cities, especially in areas altered by humans. City Pigeons feed on grains and everything you can find waste. Females can mate already at the age of five months. The first breeding is possible at the age of six months. Most of the city pigeons broods in the second calendar year. Most of the partners are living in life-long monogamy.

The feces of a healthy pigeon is a more or less round-shaped balls, which was used in earlier centuries as an excellent plant fertilizer. By unhealthy food and lack of city pigeons, and certain diseases, the consistency of the feces changed from aqueous. The pigeon is indeed pH-neutral, but a breeding ground for fungi, depositing the acid which can, for example, attack facades. The removal of pigeon droppings on facades and roofs requires considerable material resources. In a city like Munich, it is estimated the number of feral pigeons to 40,000 and expects an amount of feces from 480 tonnes per year.

The outgoing from city pigeons danger to human health is low. Pigeons may suffer from bacterial diseases (salmonellosis, ornithosis, tuberculosis, and coccus coli infections), mycosis (aspergillosis, thrush) or viral diseases (pigeon pox, herpes pigeons, Paramyxovirusinfektion, Newcastle disease, Circovirusinfektion, leukemia, adenovirus). Among the endoparasites of pigeons include coccidiosis, trichomoniasis, Hexamitiasis, toxoplasmosis and several worm varieties.

Pigeons are a publication of the Robert Koch Institute, according to the highly aggressive influenza virus type H5N1 not receptive. Although they may be carriers of the virus, distinguish it but only in small amounts and die is less likely. In many cities, great effort is made ​​to bird control operated to keep the number of pigeons is low and the building dove free.

Ce pigeon trop curieux se fait dévorer par un tortue

Découvrez Raymond Moutard, champion d’Europe d’élevage de pigeons.