pakistani sahiwal highflyers pigeons 2

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Flying Pigeons of Ustad Shahid Khan Islamabad

Pakistani Pigeon Lal Siray High Flying

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This short photoslide clip is all about ‘Fantail Pigeons’. It is an exhibition bird only. It is found today in different shapes and feather ornaments in many countries. It is a far departure from the wild tyoe and splendid example of what can be accomplished by selection in pigeon breeding.
In Britain and the United States the body should be small and round, with the breast the highest point of the bird. The small, plain head should rest on the cushion where the tale meets the body, it should face straight ahead-not cocked to either side. The legs should be short and straight. The bird should stand on tiptoe and walk easily and gracefully.

Uncertain. The Fantail is one of the most ancient breeds and also the most widespread. India is credited by many historians as its land of origin.

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foot – Olivier Giroud marque un but avec une aile de pigeon

Olivier Giroud marque un but magnifique contre Crystal Palace. Alors qu’il contre attaque il va faire une magnifique aile de pigeon. Le ballon ira en pleine lucarne !

Un pigeon voyageur qui attaque une fille

Fancy Pigeon Breeds – Part 2
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