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Ce pigeon couve… un chaton

Ce pigeon couve… un chaton

Un chat a aperçu un pigeon qui est posé sur le rebord d’un mur, Il tente alors de l’attraper…
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A three-year-old boy in Chelmsford, Essex, has an odd hobby for his age: somehow managing to capture baby birds from the great outdoors and bringing them back home.

“My three-year-old son has found two baby pigeons with in the space of two weeks,” said the filmer. The boy, called Jenson, has designs on keeping them as pets.

“On September 17th we were packing to leave our British caravan holiday and the kids were playing outside.” The adults had been collecting their things together. “Jenson came running into the caravan holding a pigeon asking for a box to take it home and keep it.”

“I had to reason with him to leave the pigeon behind,” she added.

Two weeks later Jenson came across another pigeon. “He grabbed his little brother’s blanket and walked over and picked it up. He was so happy and excited.” They agreed to make a box for it as everyone believed it to be injured and unable to fly “hence why it let Jenson pick it up.”

Sadly for Jenson, they had to return this one too. “After the tears and strop i managed to again reason with Jenson,” she said. They made a box into a bed for it, and put the pigeon in it.

“To our surprise the pigeon flew away. Jenson was in shock but happy the pigeon wasn’t injured. He said ‘mummy i think maybe he just wanted a cuddle’.”

Very unfortunate pigeon flying into the path of an oncoming CrossCountry Voyager train at Tamworth High Level Station in the UK caught on film, 29/10/12.

A man from Swindon in the UK has rescued an injured pigeon that fell out of a tree and has adopted the bird and nurtured it back to health.

Mike Roberts, 61, a retired salesman found the stricken baby bird on his driveway and took it inside before it was eaten by a cat.

Roberts named his feathered friend Fred and started hand-rearing him on diet of cheese, sweetcorn and mealworms.

Fred has even been toilet trained by Roberts, and the two of them watch television together.