Aloft: A Meditation on Pigeons Pigeon-Flying

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The humble pigeon is anything but ?common? to those who know the true nature of these birds. This bird is so enamored by some that, for over six thousand years, people have devoted themselves to the art of pigeon flying and pigeon breeding. Across the world, from the cities of America to China, enthusiasts have lovingly nurtured their flocks, creating thousands of breeds from small to large, and admired their beauty in every shape and size: pigeons with crests and frills, those who fly and those who can?t.Stephen Bodio draws readers in with resounding prose and a captivating portrayal of one of the most overlooked birds in the world. Aloft stunningly brings to light the incredible feats accomplished by homing pigeons, capable of flying thousands of miles back home, often twenty-four hours at a time, as well as the innate natural beauty and grace that each breed has in its own right.Aloft reveals fascinating insight that will ensure no one will look upon the ?common pigeon? the same way again.

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