Hi guys Im Dan and today I will show you 2 AMAZING FARM ANIMALS for kids. I am also unboxing a Chicken Pen PLAYSET from Schleich. I have lots of cool Takara Tomy farm animal toys such as Shib Inu dogs and Calico Cats. I also have amazing animals such as Koalas and Horse. There also also lots of farm animals from Schleich such as Donkey and Peacock.\r
Let me know which is your favourite in the comments.\r
From this video, kids and children can learn to recognize different animal names and their sounds.\r
Suitable for age 6+. Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite.\r
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Apple iPad Air 2 iCues Manzano Tasche 360 Standfunktion Ostrich Braun Premium Stand

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Utah’s wildlife officials release a furious cougar caught in a trap, an environmental activist gunned down in Honduras, a wild snow leopard caught by camera traps, SeaWorld’s most famous orca has a fatal infection & an ostrich chases down cyclists in South Africa.

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Animals Funny Videos-The Duck Cut The Man-Ostrich Eating Popcorns Funny Fails.
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Lorrie Popow from and demonstrates how to create cross stitch egg art using an ostrich egg and a high speed drill or Dremel. You can also use any kind of eggshell that is a bit stronger, like a turkey egg. Feel free to use embroidery floss, gold thread, sewing thread, ribbon, cording, as well as fancy trim and gold trimming. Music by the very talented Kevin McLeod at

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Ostrich Deluxe 3in1Stuhl

Ostrich Deluxe 3-in-1-Stuhl

paw patrol full episodes Pups Save the Kitty Rescue Crew- Pups Save an Ostrich
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Sea Patrol: Pups Save Puplantis

Ostrich Bullies 2 Dogs For Their Food.

Here is another part of our big zoo animals collection from RBA. In this video we take one of the latest characters, the boy, as he goes on a visit to the zoo. Hell get to see and take pictures of a Deer, Lemur, Ostrich, Flamingo, Baby Wolf, Gorilla, Baby Zebra and Baby Orangutan, besides asking for a drink at the hotdog cart.\r
The hotdog cart, zoo entrance with ticket window and big rocks for the big cats are accessories that are part of the My Zoo Animals collection.\r
My Zoo Animals Collection is a collection from RBA with dozens of animals for children to play and learn with their favourite animals and discover loads more about them. Besides the animals – two different animals each week -, the collection also comes with beautifully illustrated hardback books.\r
The Zoo Animals Collection includes many animals from different habitats: the largest animals such as elephants and giraffes to animals of the Savannah, monkeys and apes, the big cats (tigers, lions, cheetah.), sea animals (dolphin, alligator.) and more, including the cutest ones such as pandas, kangaroos, penguins and the koala.\r
This collection is perfect fun for all children as it is so much fun to play with – the animal figures are robust, cute, easy grip, rounded and specially designed for childrens hands, with their designs being similar to the ones feature in the books. The zoo animal figurines are made from strong and safe high-quality durable materials and theyre suitable for children aged over 18 months.\r
Each book is specially designed to be suitable for pre-school children, with simple text, puzzles and games and beautiful illustrations to make learning fun. Where they live and what they eat.\r
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