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An ostrich hampered rescue efforts by Chinese police who were attempting to rescue two people trapped on top of a flooded lorry. In the video, captured in Huaihua City in China’s southern Hunan Province on May 30, a runaway ostrich submerged in water walks up to the police officers who had just helped two trapped people come down from the lorry and were trying to help them to the side of the road. A policeman splashes water to the ostrich while another uses an umbrella to drive it away. According to reports, the ostrich came from a nearby mountain villa and has already been taken back in by its owner.

Dress? Check. Rings? Check. Ostriches? …ummm check.

Check out this rather strange looking invention that gives users the ability to power nap anywhere – anytime.

Knife Fig’ht S04 – Ep15 Final Whole Ostrich HD Stream Watch
Knife Fig’ht S04 – Ep15 Final Whole Ostrich Online Watch
Knife Fig’ht S04 – Ep15 Final Whole Ostrich Online Stream

It is very difficult to ride on an ostrich- one has to hold onto the feathers, and ostriches can run up to 50 miles an hour. This race should be very interesting. They are Born Winners. Each of these amazingly talented children are between 8 and 13 years old, they all practice top-level sports, living their passion fully, surpass themselves and overcome hurdles in order to fulfil their dreams.

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Melvin has a new pillow!

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