With so much to offer one wonders why it has taken so long for this industry to expand. The answer is simple. Rearing ostriches is not easy and until the 80’s there was no known technology around the subject. It was not until the 80’s that work began on an organised commercial basis.

Goat Simulator Funny Moments (Demon Goat, Giraffe & Ostrich, Flappy Goat)

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David Freiheit brings his characteristic curiosity and enthusiasm to the subject of ostrich egg and fertilization.

When he published his video making an ostrich egg omelette, he saw comments from viewers implying that they didn’t fully understand how eggs are fertilized; suggesting, for example, that David was cooking a baby bird.

David set out to inform viewers about eggs, but also to expand his own knowledge. He returned to his local ostrich farm where he learned some fascinating and entertaining facts about ostrich breeding.

It wouldn’t be a classic David Freiheit video without an unusual cooking challenge. True to form, David picked up an ostrich egg at the farm and blended it to make fluffy scrambled eggs for the family. Credit: Viva Frei via Storyful

An ostrich farm in Malaysia showed off the amazing capabilities of its prize bird, as it was fed by and then raced against a visiting class of kids.

Recorded at the PD Ostrich Show Farm near Teluk Kemang, the ostrich can be seen being fed and pampered by a crowd of kids, before its keeper selected five boys and five girls to run a foot race with the big bird.

The winners in each group were awarded a certificate, with one boy even managing to keep pace with the bird.

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https://filmow.com/the-ostrich-politic-t274326/ A thoughtful and beautifully crafted look at social norms and instinctive behavior. The Ostrich Politic The Ostrich Politic

So hilarious Ostrich in Roller coaster – Hilarious TV jingle with crazy animals:

Welcome back to Shadowcraft! My modded Minecraft single-player series! In this episode I train my wyverns to be hot air balloon pilots and TAME SOME OSTRICHES! OH YEAH!

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