June 3 PM Livestock Commentary: Gary Kozlowski

Residents of sweet waters, Laikipia protest rampant livestock theft

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The story of the Roundhouse livestock building

Residents of Sweet Waters division of Laikipia county marched to the Laikipia county commissioners office in protest following rampant cases of livestock theft in the region.
This comes after a 94 year old man was seriously injured and his goats stolen by a gang.

June 1 PM Livestock Commentary: Todd Horwitz

There are flavor and health benefits to feeding livestock cannabis, but food safety agencies have their concerns.

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The diversity of livestock animals is amazing. Many of the older breedings have dissapeared from our planet, other ones are rare and close to extinction. It is important to keep them for future generations! Shown here are 120 different breedings, for example: Vorwerk Chickens, Highland Cattle, Scottish Blackface Sheep, Lleyn Sheep, Exmoor Pony, Gypsy Horse, Belted Swiss Cattle, Blue Grey Cattle (Galloway x Whitebred Shorthorn), Pomeranian Goose, Bourbon Turkey, Turopolje and Mangalica Pig, Leghorn Chicken, Llama, Alpaca, Pygmy Rabbit, Muscovy Duck, Chinese Goose, Jersey Cattle, Grisons Stripe Goat, Aylesbury Duck, Suffolk Sheep, Norico Pinzgauer Horse, Capra Girgentana, Valaise Blacknose Sheep und Blackneck Goat, Rouge de Roussillion, Silkies, Cröllwitzer Turkey, Brianzolo Turkey, Yorkshire Pig, Gelderland Horse, Aberdeen Angus Cattle, Thuringian Chamois Rabbit, Toggenburg Goat, Ouessant Sheep, Curly Goose, Fjord Horse, Bavarian Draft Horse, Bantam Chicken, Simmental Cattle, Tux Cattle, Blobe Goat, Shetland Pony, Normande Cattle, Altsteirer Chicken, Friesian Horse, Dahomey Cattle, Flemish Giant Rabbit, Clydesdale Horse, White Baroque Donkey, Heck Cattle, Appenzeller Chicken, Tarpan Horse and Cameroon Sheep…

Produced and filmed by Robert Höck in the years 2012 till 2016

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