Take a tour of the MV Becrux – a state-of-the-art purpose built live export vessel as it prepares to carry sheep and cattle from Australia to their overseas destinations. The MV Becrux has been engaged in live exports non-stop since its launch, carrying Australian sheep and cattle to various live export destinations in Asia and the Middle East. This livestock export ship has a desalination plant on board and produces all the fresh water for both livestock and crew. The MV Becrux has completed over 80 voyages carrying more than 3 million sheep and 500,000 cattle.

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Phil Miller talks about hauling cattle and his first time out to the Mid America Trucking Show as he was heading back west. He runs a 2010 Peterbilt 389 / C15 Caterpillar / 600HP / 18 speed / 3.25 gears / 300 wheelbase pulling a 48′ Wilson cattle trailer.

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This is the English version of a training video produced by the MLA/LiveCorp Live Export Program (LEP) of slaughter with stunning prepared for staff in Vietnamese abattoirs that are approved or are in the process of being approved to process Australian cattle. There is a Vietnamese language version of this same video which is part of a suite of materials that support hands on training which the LEP provides on behalf of Australian exporters.

The footage used in this video was recorded in one of the Australian Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) approved abattoirs operating in Vietnam. The video includes information on restraining device preparation, moving animals into a restraining device, operation of stunning equipment, the restraint process, the stunning procedure, management of ineffective stunning and slaughter following effective stunning.

The processes used in this video are consistent with methods of stunning and slaughter that meet international and Australian standards. That said images in this video will still be confronting, particularly to people that have not seen an animal stunned and slaughtered before. The video includes footage of cattle being stunned and cattle being cut after stunning.

Training abattoir staff in proper handling and slaughter procedures is a major part of the Australian livestock export trade’s commitment to ensuring the welfare of Australian exported livestock. The information has broad application and it is the industry’s expectation that our investment in training and development of support materials will help influence and improve the treatment of livestock globally.

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