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Pure Gulabi Bakra In Full White Color
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Winter Springs woman worries about coyotes after pets, livestock killed

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Beautiful Gulabi Breed, Pure Gulabi Bakrey In White Color – Gulabi and Kapla Nasal k Bache Hain – Livestock Karachi Online By
Beautiful Gulabi Breed, Pure Gulabi Bakrey White Color – Kapla Nasal k B Bache Hn, Livestock Online
Beautiful Gulabi Breed, Pure Gulabi Bakrey White Color – Kapla Nasal k B Bache Hn, Livestock Karachi Online

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Larose, Louisiana police have arrested Mario Vasconcelos for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with various farm animals, according to local reports.

The investigation began after a Cutoff, Louisiana property owner in June reported his suspicions that someone had trespassed on his property.

The resident “reported someone was possibly trespassing on his property located on Highway 3235,” said Deputy Brennan Matherne according to a report by WWL First News.

“Through investigation, detectives learned a male subject had entered the building and engaged in crimes against nature (unnatural carnal copulation) with livestock, including a donkey and a goat,” said Deputy Matherne.

Human DNA evidence collected by investigators from the animals was submitted to the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab for DNA analysis. A DNA match identified 34-year-old Mario Vasconcelos as the suspect using the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System, according to the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Police arrested the Vasconcelos who also had another warrant out for his arrest for a domestic abuse case dating back to 2011.

Following his arrest, Vasconcelos admitted to having done the dirty deed on four separate occasions.

“During questioning, Vasconcelos admitted to four instances of copulating with livestock,” said Deputy Matherne. “He was subsequently transported to the Detention Center where he was booked four counts of Crimes Against Nature, simple burglary and per the outstanding warrant. He is currently being held in lieu of $37,500 bond.”

Vasconcelos is also being detained for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to a report by Houma Today.


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A dramatic rescue operation took place on Wednesday after torrential downpours and flooding threatened the lives of cattle and horses in Argentina. Report by Lomasc. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at