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EARTHFLIGHT: Flying High, which looks at the making-of the EARTHFLIGHT series, airs Wednesday, October 9 at 8PM ET (check local listings). Geese hatchlings imprint on avid bird enthusiast Christian Moullec. He cared for them every day and trained them to accept his piloted microlight as part of the family, so that when they all took to the skies, he was able to film the imprinted flock flying in tight formation.

SWARM & FARM – Greylag geese landing in Holland

Sandhill cranes and geese in Nebraska

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In this DITLO*, Shirley and Helen find out something about Jenny R. that really sends them over the edge. I mean, me, Andrew, and Ken go to The Japanese Garden in LA and eavesdrop on some geese. Then we head to a rooftop party thing that’s super cute.


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*DITLO stands for Day In The Life Of (me…and my friends and family)

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Wild Geese Eating Grass in Paris

Audrey & Bogie My African Geese

Baby geese grooming Dasher the lamb