Young geese, who have not yet learned to fly, go for a jog with their parents. As seen on the Ellen Degeneres Show! Also was on Canada AM.
Location: Winnipeg, CANADA
I plan to donate any revenue generated by this video to the FortWhyte Alive nature conservatory ( which is about a mile from my place. These geese are probably the grand children of geese who made their home at this great facility. (this is my original video and I retain all copyright privileges)

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Hand feeding the Canada geese (plus one Greylag cross Canada cross domestic goose) at Leybourne Lakes.

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Today, Allen is hanging out with his real-life fairytale friends — a stunning gaggle of Dewlap Toulouse geese!

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Snow geese taking a break from migration when suddenly…
Warning I got a little too excited and the volume got a little loud. Eye on the girl at the end checking for poop in her hair. Ask me about the story on twitter
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Canada geese take to the skies along their annual migration paths.

Αγριόχηνες – Wild Geese

Species story that takes place at Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Reserve in Montana where the spring awakening of a great marshland is seen as the migrating species return to establish their territories, build their nests and raise their families. Canada geese have learned a unique method of protecting their nests, eggs and young from predators by building their nests atop nests built during previous seasons by ospreys in dead trees.

Watch in HD! The first half of the video is amusing in its own right – two parents honking at their gosling to jump over a small gap, which it is unable/unwilling to do. Possibly due to all their racket, a nearby swan that considered itself the king of this lake swam up to start a fight.