Spectacular video has emerged from China of a French ornithologist actually flying with geese.

The video, captured on Saturday in Shandong, shows Christian Moullec flying an air trike, taking off and landing with three geese.

According to local reports, Mr Moullec is the first man in the world to fly with geese.

ITV News 14Feb17 – Canadian geese face potential cull in Swanhurst Park, Birmingham

Cllr Habib Rehman – Birmingham City Council

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Calls for geese cull after HUNDREDS of birds swoop into Birmingham park

An unusual video has emerged from Ottowa, Canada of a tense standoff between two foxes and two geese.

In the clip, which was filmed on April 10, the foxes work together to try to catch the Canada geese.

Every time the foxes attack, the geese manage to repel them and eventually the foxes give up.

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