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During March 2018, Kevin Widoff was out walking with a friend in the flats of Skagit Valley in Washington when he was treated to the incredible sight of a massive flock of snow geese flying by.

Luckily, Kevin had a camera ready to capture the view on what was a beautiful spring day. Credit: Kevin Widoff via Storyful

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20110825 자연을 벗하며(분당 율동공원)+Popsong 3

자연을벗하며 분당율동공원 “Together with Nature” Dog Fish “Wild Geese” 석송조재훈 분당복지관 DSLR

Occurred on July 28, 2015 / Helsinki, Finland

Info from Licensor: “The video was shot at the end of July in Helsinki during a walk along the sea side.”


This is the remarkable moment a family of geese chase down an alligator on the ninth hole during a charity golf tournament in South Florida.

The unusual sight was captured was filmed by Ryan Witkowski, who was playing in the tournament and was driving towards the hole when he noticed the geese not only chasing after but also honking at the alligator.

“Look at this! Oh my god! (Hole) number nine! PGA National!” says an incredulous Witkowski in the video.

Another man can be heard saying in the background: “These birds (are) super-aggressive when they’ve got young ones” as the geese get closer to the gator.

The funny incident was captured during Christie’s Critters charity golf tournament at Palm Beach Garden’s PGA National Resort Champion Course, where the Honda Classic pro tournament is played.

But it’s unlikely that gators were the type of critters that the organisers had in mind!