Solution technique fournie par Easy Live. Plus d’informations sur

Solution technique fournie par Easy Live. Plus d’informations sur

Dogs, ducks, goats and chickens incredibly walk in single file line

I went around the perimeter of the small lake. Tried to capture the beautiful atmosphere of the sunny warm morning since today was the last day of high temperatures and sunshine. Was able to film a pair of swans and ducks.

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NICE WEATHER FOR DUCKS performs the song “DROPPING PLANETS” for BalconyTV.
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Formed in late 2012 by Nirvan, Sharan and Kabir, the band was originally called CalmString Commission. Ishaan later joined and played at the band’s first gig. 2013 saw Aranya and Amar join the band on vocals and the bass respectively, as well as a change in the band name to Nice Weather For Ducks!

The band’s influences range from Advaita and Porcupine Tree to Beethoven and Zero 7. Their genre is a smart combination of experimental prog-rock, pop, Hindustani fusion and psychedelic funk.


An Oijo Production
Sound: Raghav Suthaud/Kavi Bhansali
Mix by – Raghav Suthaud

Filmed at Mia Bella Gastropub –

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