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This guide shows you how to find good chickens for eggs

Why chickens are getting injected with water

Uruguay gains new Guinness World Record for roasting chickens — “Uruguay achieves a new Guinness record with 7,000 kilos of roast chicken,”

Previously I have done a series called Space Chickens that combined Galacticraft and Chococraft in an adventure to bring Chickens to Space. With the help of rubysown from the mindcrack subreddit we have a new modpack with those same mods as well as a handful of other mods that will work with this theme. I hope you guys enjoy, I am super excited.

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Trish Sie, from the King’s Roost, gives an overview of what it’s like to keep urban chickens. Thinking about starting a flock in your backyard? Watch this first to see what’s involved and what you should consider before you take the plunge! And once you have chickens of your own, be sure to visit the King’s Roost for the best in chicken feed, supplies, chicken-themed gifts, and of course, free advice– any time!