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When I want a happy video, I watch the chooks.
(Chook is Aussie for chicken).
They’re always funny and always happy and always squabbling, and chasing off the wild birds.
I find them relaxing.

Political Chickens Podcast – 032 – SPECIAL: George Webb (1996) on CSPAN-TV: “How Crack Funded a CIA War”

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By Jack Williams This unique photography series really is for feathery fashionistas, showing off the vibrant beauty of a variety of CHICKENS. Shot in environments and styles more suited to professional models than humble birds, the chickens and roosters pop against the black backgrounds. They were brought to life by Italian photography pair Moreno Monti […]

Less than a third of KFC’s outlets in Britain remain shut, following a supply crisis that closed hundreds of its restaurants and left customers struggling to find their deep-fried chicken fix.

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