City kids are now able to experience farm life by renting chickens. KHOU-TV reporter Jason Miles takes CBSN into the hen house for more information.

These chickens play the ultimate game of Jenga with their pal goats at Scofflaw Farm in Tennessee, USA.

While the goats are resting on the tables they have climbed, the chickens jump on their backs for a better seat. That’s what we call opportunism! Credit: Scofflaw Farm via Storyful

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By far our most popular meat, Australians eat 42kg of chicken per person per year – ten times more than 50 years ago. Matthew Evans wants to know what this means for the chicken. When he discovers that chickens can live in cramped conditions in intensive farms, he realises how little consumers are likely to know about how our favourite meat is farmed. With the help of an ad agency he devises a stunt to get reactions from the public, which he then shows to a fast food chain to ask them to consider changing to higher welfare chicken.

A group of animal rights activists are accused of storming onto a farm in Colorado and stealing chickens in an effort to save them from slaughter.

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