Building A Chicken Coop For 25, 50 Or Even 100 Chickens

Cancer-causing Dioxin found in Chicken Feed, Chickens & Eggs in Germany! People are Next!

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How to Speak Chicken: Why Your Chickens Do What They Do & Say What They Say
By : Melissa Caughey

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Suzanne McMinn, a former romance writer and founder of the popular blog, shares the story of her search to lead a life of ordinary splendor in Chickens in the Road, her inspiring and funny memoir.Craving a life that would connect her to the earth and her family roots, McMinn packed up her three kids, left her husband and her sterile suburban existence behind, and moved to rural West Virginia. Amid the rough landscape and beauty of this rural mountain country, she pursues a natural lifestyle filled with chickens, goats, sheep?and no pizza delivery.With her new life comes an unexpected new love?”52,” a man as beguiling and enigmatic as his nickname?a turbulent romance that reminds her that peace and fulfillment can be found in the wake of heartbreak. Coping with formidable challenges, including raising a trio of teenagers, milking stubborn cows, being snowed in with no heat, and making her own butter, McMinn realizes that she?s living a forty-something?s coming-of-age story.As she dares to become self-reliant and embrace her independence, she reminds us that life is a bold adventure?if we?re willing to live it.?Chickens in the Road includes more than 20 recipes, craft projects, and McMinn?s photography, and features a special two-color design.

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