The Quick Draw McGraw Show S1E14 – The Cattle Battle Rattled

A technology company are revolutionising the dairy industry with a range of robotic ‘maids’ that milk cattle – whenever the cows feel like it.

The automatic cow milker allows the heifers to walk in whenever their udders are feeling uncomfortable – and automatically gives them a good milking.

Agri-tech giant Lely’s newest automatic machine lets cows choose for themselves when they want to be milked and is set to change modern farming.

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Two people had a close encounter with a moving wall of lava near Pahoa, Hawaii, when they went out to Noni Farms to try to rescue cows nearby from the area.

This video was posted to YouTube by Jonathan Wright on June 4. Wright said there were more than 200 cattle in the area, and that the video was filmed “a few days ago.”

Mandatory evacuations were ordered for Noni Farms on May 29. Credit: via Storyful

A farmer who claimed he could not walk 30ft and illegally pocketed £100,000 in benefits was caught on camera herding cattle and climbing fences. David Millward, 55, was secretly filmed by the Department of Work and Pensions carrying bags of animal feed around the field he rented in Coven, Staffordshire. Footage showed him climbing over a fence, filling feeding trays and loading cattle into his trailer all without walking aids and displaying only a slight limp.

At the dawn of the XIX century Australian cattlemen began to develop new vast pastures to the West of the Sydney area. Soon they had to face the problem of handling domestic animals in these incredibly prosperous but still difficult terrains. Moreover in such conditions formerly well-behaved cattle went almost feral and hardly controllable. Foreign herding canine varieties that helped ranchers previously coped poorly with necessity of operating effectively for hours on end in torrid Australian climate and barely passable terrain. It became rather evident for early Australian cattle-breeders that they required a tough and clever dog that would be able to handle wayward cattle without injuring or frightening it.\r
A stock-breeder named Timmins was the first who tried to implement this ambitious goal. In the 30s of the XIX century he mated a local Dingo with the Smithfield and received red dogs with diminutive tails. Despite the f that this initial hybrid (so-called «Timmons Biter») remained silent while working with animals, it managed them by brutally snapping instead of mildly nipping at their heels.\r
Nearly ten years later Thomas Hall, an Australian landowner, performed another, more successful breeding experiment of crossing the Dingo with the Scottish Blue-Merle Smooth Collie. The resulting dog became known as a Halls Helleres and deserved the reputation of an efficient and quiet cattle drover. Hereafter it was crossbred with the Timmons Biter, Black-and-Tan Kelpie Sheepdog and Dalmatian. By 1893 the Australian Cattle Dog acquired in its hallmark red or blue speckled colouration as well as its spectacular talents in ruling the wilful cattle.