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Wildfires that began in mid-April, fueled by severe drought, have killed hundreds of cattle and destroyed more than 300,000 acres in Oklahoma. Oklahoma has been grappling with several wildfires this month, including the massive Rhea Fire. Oklahoma’s governor, Mary Fallin, has issued a state of emergency for 52 counties. The 350,000 total acres of land that has been blackened by the fire is equal to half the size of Rhode Island. The Preliminary cattle death count is at 1,100, which could climb to 2,000. The ranchers most immediate need is hay to feed their cattle. Many of the acres destroyed were needed grazing land.

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Some of the cattle exhibits at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

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St. Patricks Day 2012 brunch included pancakes with sausage, a poached egg and a mug of hot chocolate. Nom nom nom. The Pioneer Woman | Season 9 Episode 12 | Full Episode The Pioneer

The “Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog” is a bobtailed, medium-sized breed of dog. The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog was developed in Australia to herd …

Loading cattle in trailer for transport.

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