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Pas beaucoup d’espace, un chat et un pigeon : qui sera le plus intelligent des deux ?

trois jeunes pigeons qui passe a table

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Release Date: 2016.10.06
AOR – Rabbits in Cartoon
2nd mini-album “TWO”.

SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS. This is the biggest expense in owning a bunny but it is WORTH IT and you only have to do it once! I honestly cant believe how many people I bump into who own rabbits but do not have them fixed. Female rabbits will 9 times out of 10 develop cancer of the ovaries or uterus if not fixed before the age of 1 year; and these cancers are fatal. It also calms her down and makes her temperament much nicer. And obviously it keeps her from going into heat every few days (which, when having no male to mate with, is excruciating), and keeps her from producing litter upon litter of unwanted rabbits.\r
Neutering a male is also important. It keeps him from humping everything in sight, spraying things; it makes him less aggressive and aggravated; it takes away the horniness, which makes him miserable when theres no female to mate with; it lowers the risks of cancer; and of course prevents litters of unwanted bunnies.

Boys are in the thick of their 2010 Turkey Tour. When they call ’em, they come runing.

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