Feed The Pigeons……. healthy snacks!! How to feed pigeons and wild birds!!

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People love to feed birds unhealthy snacks. This is especially true for pigeons. what is the point of feeding them bread and rice?

In this video, I even get a dog’s opinion. Feeding healthy seeds to pigeons is so easy. These are our backyard friends. The are not vermin like rats.

These majestic birds have served in wartime. They have even received medals for bravery from the US army!! Pigeons have a supernal story. They are unlike any other animal in the animal kingdom.

Now, many people look at them with disdain. However, they each have their own personality. Mike Tyson loves pigeons too by the way!

Forget giving them rice and bread. Pigeons love oats, millet, peas, milo, seeds, certain fruits, wheat, cracked corn, black sunflower seeds, and many other life affirming foods.

Please do your own research. Start pigeon feeding parties!!


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