Lacey the manicured alpaca meets baby kitten

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This is Lacey the alpaca. My daughter and I raised her because her mom didn’t have enough milk to feed her. So for 5 months we made bottles and fed her every 3 hours. She was born late in the Fall and with our bitter winters she ended up spending lots of her time in our living room or on the deck with the cats. She grew up thinking she was a cat!

Alpacas are shorn once a year for their super soft fiber and to help them beat the heat. My daughter just painted her nails that morning and decided she wanted to have a matching manicure so she painted her nails :-)
Flicka the mother cat was one of Lacey’s best friends and her babies were in a box away from Lacey until this day. She thought this mini friend was the coolest thing ever. This short 32 second video is just a sample of the hours of curiosity that went on that day!


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