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Will y el equipo de RJ deben construir un cañón de doble barril que lance napalm. Mientras tanto, en contra de los deseos de Will, Steph convoca a Kris para ayudarla a diseñar fundas de pistola Derringer para mujeres.

OLD HORNED SHEEP performs the song “BLACKBIRD” for BalconyTV.
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Оркестр традиционной музыки “Old Horned Sheep” был создан в 1996 году.
Группа выпустила пять альбомов, выступала на фолк-фестивалях в Финляндии и Латвии, сотрудничала с известными исполнителями народной музыки (скрипачом Генри Фидлером, волынщиком Падди Кинаном). Ежегодно выступает на большом фестивале “День св.Патрика” в Санкт-Петербурге и регулярно даёт сольные концерты как для детей, так и для взрослых.
Основу репертуара составляют проверенные временем народные мелодии и песни Ирландии, Шотландии, Франции, Финляндии, Латвии, Америки и России.
Музыканты экспериментируют с различными направлениями современной музыки, не теряя при этом живого фольклорного звучания.
Наряду с традиционными для такой музыки инструментами (фидл, арфа, флейта, банджо, гармошка), используются саксофон, контрабас и ударную установку.

“Old Horned Sheep” is a traditional music band from St Petersburg, Russia. Formed in 1996, it became one of the first Russian bands performing traditional Irish tunes, represented later in its first album To Drive the Cold Winter Away (1997). The initial passion for the Irish culture was then broadened to include the musical traditions of many other nations. Now the geography of music interests of the band ranges from folk tunes of the British Isles (mostly Ireland and Scotland) through Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Baltic countries) to country and western music including Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan cover versions. Originating from Russia, the band has a special treatment of Russian folk songs invariably popular with the audience. Generally following the principles of folk music, the arrangements are, however, experimental to some extent, with the inclusions of various styles and genres of modern music. That’s because the musicians try to adjust tunes to their own feeling and style, still being true to the roots and spirit of traditional music.

“Old Horned Sheep” has participated in various folk festivals both in Russia and Europe, and for almost 20 years has headlined St. Patrick’s Festival in St Petersburg. Favoring live concerts, the band was among the originators of folk dancing in St Petersburg and is still one of the chief encouragers of different folk dance events. The band’s performances are very often accompanied by live dancing and are always filled with energy, cheerfulness and a holiday atmosphere.

Though the priority has been given to live performances at concerts and festivals, “Old Horned Sheep” has several studio records. The latest of them – Farm Sessions – was presented to the audience in February, 2014.

Old Horned Sheep Discography:
To Drive the Cold Winter Away (1997)
Kep & Co “Синглъ” (mini-album) (2006)
Storm Warning (2011)
Farm Sessions (2014)

Video and Photography : Nastasia Maslennikova, Eva Kuligina
Sound : Seva Gakkel, Mark Titov
Editing : Nastasia Maslennikova, Eva Kuligina
PR: Slobodenyuk Anna
Production Assistant : Alexandre Senin, Olga Ogneva
Producer : Seva Gakkel
Brought to you in association with 3MostA Hotel

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