The Unexplained Files S01E02 Livestock Mutilation & Curse of the Ice Mummy
The Unexplained Files Season 1 Episode 2 Livestock Mutilation & Curse of the Ice Mummy

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Pongalo Pongal brings out the the joy, colour and a meaningful celebration of food, agriculture, nature and the environment!
A harvest festival is the time to celebrate that which the earth bestows upon us.It is of great significance in the South of India particularly because we are blessed with an abundance of sunshine throughout the year.
It’s no wonder then that the Pongal festival is one that has come to be deeply revered not just for the food provided but as a celebration of the farming community that toils quietly all year round.
It’s also the time to take note of the impact that the farm animals have on our lives and how different the earth would be without their existence.

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