Fieldsports Britain – Rabbits, fallow deer and a fairytale Scottish castle

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Rabbits, fallow deer, a fairytale Scottish castle, pigeons, clays, and social responsibility for rioters: what a mixture. Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam is out after fallow bucks in Kent. He’s not had much luck with Fieldsports Channel in the highseat recently. Will it go right this time? Meanwhile, Andy ‘Crowman’ Crow is on the same farm after rabbits. Next, how comfortable should you make yourself in Scotland? We’re north of the Border to look at Taymouth Castle, which consists of Rolls-Royce lodges and estate for keen shooters and fishers. Then we go south again to watch Sporting Shooter chef Mark Gilchrist shoot pigeons and Commonwealth Games silver medallist Abbey Burton get ready for a shooting lesson with the help of Puretone’s CENS Digital hearing protection. And finally, we’re with the Oxford Gun Company showing how shooting can teach responsibility and citizenship. Might be good to take some of those urban looters shooting, innit?


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