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Download Pigs in Pajamas by Maggie Smith – mirror 1 —> http://po.st/37uwq5 mirror 2 —> http://tinyurl.com/krqdov9 mirror 3 –> http://q.gs/9283027/pigs-in-pajamas —————
Synopsis: At Penelope Pig’s sleepover party, six pigs in pj’s eat pizza and pasta, pound a pinata, pin the tail on the pony, prance to piano, and then form a precarious pyramid–collapsing, of course, into a sqealing pig pile!
Maggie Smith combines rollicking rhymes and infectious alliterations to make a perfectly pleasing book filled with fun and the letter P. And while there are scads of P words in the text, the art has even –the pictures are filled with than 75 objects beginning with the letter P for young readers to find. The playful pictures also introduce other preschool concepts, such as colors, shapes, patterns, and counting.
Pigs in Pajamas offers a fun way to get preschoolers thinking about language and building their vocabularies. Party on, Penelope Pig!

Download Bayou of Pigs by Stewart Bell – mirror 1 —> http://po.st/I0lOxS mirror 2 —> http://tinyurl.com/kvw3h87 mirror 3 –> http://q.gs/9283027/bayou-of-pigs —————
Synopsis: A remarkable tale of greed, treachery and deceit in one of the most outlandish criminal stunts ever conceived: the theft of a nation
In 1981, a small but heavily armed force of misfits from Canada and the United States set off on a preposterous mission: invade an impoverished Caribbean country, overthrow its government in a coup d’etat, install a puppet prime minister and transform the island into a crooks? paradise. Their leader was a Texas soldier of fortune named Mike Perdue. His lieutenant was a Canadian Nazi named Wolfgang Droege. Their destination: Dominica. For two years, they recruited fighting men, wooed investors, stockpiled weapons and forged links with the mob, leftist revolutionaries and militant Rastafarians. They called their invasion Operation Red Dog, and they were going to make millions. All that stood in their way were two federal agents from New Orleans on the biggest case of their lives.
Set in the Caribbean, Canada and the American South at the end of the Cold War, and based on hundreds of pages of declassified U.S. government documents, as well as exclusive interviews with those involved, Bayou of Pigs tells the true story of Canadian and American men who tried to steal a tropical paradise.

Why didn’t these chickens dig into their food? They were fooled by a sheet of ice. The chickens peck at the ice while their owner chuckles at their misfortune! Credit: steveep1983 via Storyful

Little quail Albert hatched from a supermarket egg. He’s all grown up in this video and goes to meet some other quails raised from supermarket eggs. Credit: YouTube/A Chick Called Albert

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