Great Planes® Performance Series™ Yak-55M 50 cc ARF

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The quality and versatility of this large, lightweight Yak-55M ARF prove that Great Planes knows exactly what fliers want in a 50 cc aerobatic/3D model. The design not only accommodates many popular 50 and 55 cc gasoline engines (such as the DLE Engines DLE-55cc used for this video’s flights), but also allows easy installation of a standard Pitts muffler, canister or power-boosting tuned pipe. Mounting materials for all three options are supplied. Main assemblies are built-up and MonoKote® film-covered in a bold trim scheme to help follow orientation during aggressive maneuvers. All control surfaces except the rudder come factory-hinged. The cowl and landing gear spats are made of fiberglass; the tailwheel assembly includes strong, lightweight, carbon-fiber components; and a molded replica radial engine adds exciting, scale-like detail. Learn more about the Great Planes Performance Series Yak-55M ARF by visiting its product page at Join Great Planes on Facebook at GPMA1230 Wingspan: 88 in (2235 mm) Wing Area: 1473 in² (95dm²) Weight: 18-19.5 lb (8.2-8.8 kg) Wing Loading: 28-31 oz/ft² (85-95 g/dm²) Length: 82.5 in (2095 mm) Requires: Radio with a minimum of 5 channels, 1 standard and 5 high-torque servos & 50-55 cc gasoline engine. S: Recommended Products Futaba® FASST™ 6+ Channel Radio DLEG0055 DLE™ Engines DLE-55cc Gasoline Engine FUTM0215 (4) S9155 Digital High-Torque Servos (2 each for ailerons and elevator) FUTM0216 Futaba (1) S9156 Digital High-Torque Servo (for rudder) FUTM0075 Futaba (1) S9001 Aircraft Servo (for throttle) HCAM6333 Hobbico® HydriMax™ Ultra™ 4.8V 3600mAh NiMH Battery (for receiver) S: Recommended Options FUTM0075 Futaba S9001 Aircraft Servo (for choke, if gas engine used) FUTM0215 (2) Futaba S9155 Digital High-Torque Servos (for 2-servo rudder option. Replaces FUTM0216.) HCAM6308 Hobbico HydriMax Ultra 4.8V 1600mAh NiMH Battery (for …


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