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Is Inequality Growing?

In a magical land inhabited by long lashed, multi-colored Alpacas who love lollipops, rainbows and friendship, there’s a yawning divide in wealth distribution…what’s behind the inequality gap?

Na Inglaterra, a criadora de alpacas Helen Kendall Smith decidiu fazer mais do que a tosa anual em suas alpacas. Helen resolveu dar aquele trato nos animais. Com os mais variados cortes de cabelo, as alpacas parecem com dinossauros, zebras, poodles e tudo mais que a imaginação permitir. Helen está segura de que as alpacas adoraram e promete repetir no ano que vem.

directed by Antony Hickling
Edited by Chris Ruggi

Produced by Matthew Allen, Antony Hickling.

Cinematography by
Yann Gadaud

Amanda Dawson, Manuel Blanc, Jean-Christophe Bouvet, Luc Bruyere, Walter Dickerson, Stéphanie Michelini, Aymeric Bergada du Cadet, Alexandre Styker, Igor Dewe, Jérémie Lapeyre, Romain Brau,…

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