DesignTech – Ep. 25: Sheep Farm

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Welcome to DesignTech, my own custom Minecraft modpack built around aesthetics, design, and technical mods! Featuring a large list of 1.7.10 mods, including both familiar and obscure ones, this Minecraft Modded Survival let’s play series will show off my kitchen sink modpack in all of its glory.

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Intro Music By Josh Woodward :

Background Music by Josh Woodward & Clay Riness

Outro Music by BlueFoxMusic:

DesignTech logo by BerlinRiver:

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Saice says:

oh noes the poor baby shoops

Acidspitting Emu says:

Will you be working on the bamboo forest area soon? I loved the first building, and can't wait to see where it goes from there. I'd personally like to see a Japanese temple, with the stairs that seem to go forever uphill. :-)

Art Strutzenberg says:

for the sheep farm….could the sheep be eating the grass in the fence area? if so, what if you were to knock out the the orange caution tape, and do one more ring of grass blocks beyond it?

Nuincal Thorson says:

Wels, have you thought of adding the Floodlight mod to the pack for the industrial areas? Also, a sprinkler will fix the grass issue.

Arcane Hermithood says:

If you put a breeder on the opposite side facing the harvester you could run an extension underneath the grass to the breeder to provide power and automatically breed the sheep for you. You have the wheat in your ME System and automated so essentially it can run forever even breeding cows. As for a way to get your grass to continue to grow, Botania has something related to"Of Growth" that can make that grass grow back super quick without reducing frame rate unlike the sprinkler. In addition to this move your fences in one block on all sides because sheep either adult or young can still eat the outer edges. Hope this helps you out, have a great day :)

PvpRexor -Minecraft says:

10 is a even number xD anyways good video love them!

The Grim Creeper says:

wels u should make an automatic sprinkler system

Superior Minecraft says:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Ohhhh… That's a odd number…

Aircodes Inc. says:

Finally!!!!!! :C I was waiting too much
(sry for my eng.. i'm russian)

Bryan Burke says:

Don't worry about the grass, just remove some sheep. You are going to have massive amounts of wool in no time.

drag dragon says:

make the sword then spawn in the soul

Corey Mowen says:

when you automate the water get a reinforced watering can and a autonomous activator

MrPopTarted says:

Sorry if you mentioned this in a previous video and I'm just dumb, but why haven't you turned your builders wand into the unbreaking builders wand from the Better Builders Wand mod? Haven't played on your modpack, but in SkyFactory you just need 2 sticks and the EU builders wand and it massively upgrades it.

Caleb Hunter says:

10 is an even number !!!

Pippa Baugh says:

10… odd number?

Vincenzo Menicucci says:

About halfway through the episode and not sure if you fix it but i swear the inside of the sheep pen is 5×6. Great Episode as always wels!

Vincenzo Menicucci says:

About halfway through the episode and not sure if you fix it but i swear the inside of the sheep pen is 5×6. Great Episode as always wels!

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