Furi playthrough pt1 – Multi-Faced Men and Giant Purple Rabbits? WTF!

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This is my playthrough of hte indie game Furi, a unique boss-run gauntlet with an interesting visual style, with live commentary on the PS4.

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ResidentEvil30001 says:

This game is already better than the shitty Ghostbusters game that he's playing previously.

Jem Jok says:

why are there more likes than dislikes? have the trolls given up?

No Lube says:

for the record he doesn't finish the game.

he gives up on The Song

momo12364 says:


kill-chan gaming says:

oh look: a game that doesn't want to be a movie, doesn't want to look photo realistic and doesn't require a console 4x more powerful than the one that just came out.

DuckTape says:

oh yea I've heard of furries

Jalil Ali says:

game looks ok

CloneHat says:

Furi? Furi… kura? Furikuri?

Nicolas Stamevski mrwalrusface says:

dime bags for everyone

Razer says:

Ayy that sonic adventure reference @ 4:04

Natsuki Subaru says:

Brilliant aesthetic.

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