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To celebrate the end of the summer term, we asked some of our lecturers to read out YOUR Yaks from Keele… Enjoy!!

Wildlife experts have warned of possible extinction of wild yak in Nepal, as the traces of the shaggy-haired ox are hardly seen in wild.

During a nearly two-month field study at the end of 2015, researchers found only one wild yak in this area.

Poaching is a major risk to them.

Listed in the IUCN red list of threatened species, wild yak were only found in India, China and Nepal.

The Yaks – What Do You Want From Me

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recorded at alien studios 2015

lee duffy – guitar – vocals
lee Williams – guitar

MLP FiM My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
S05E11 S05 E11 Season 5 Episode 11 Party Pooped
Prince Rutherford – Ponies and yaks… friends?
Pinkie Pie – For a thousand moons?
Prince Rutherford – For a thousand moons!

Medium Fawn Alpacas- Alpacapalooza 2011

Victory Ranch Alpacas- Part 1/3

Lacey was our bottle fed alpaca and grew up with the cats on our deck and thought she was one of them :-) She would cuddle up and sleep with them making the worlds warmest pile of fuzz! lol

Check out my other videos of Lacey!

Leslie from A to Z Alpacas

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