Turkeys Graduate to Pasture

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It’s about time we got these Turkeys out of our yard (and house) and into the pasture!

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Kayla Bernal says:

I love your videos! I want this life right here!!

Donna Southwood says:

Make sure you clip those turkey wings as soon as they have flight feathers. Turkeys can fly up and over a fence like you you wouldn't believe!

rainbow kirby says:

when the turkeys mature are you gonna trim their wings? they could fly out of the whole farm…

J Yb says:

Explain to me the road, you all seem to be on it a lot. Is this road used?

SeaShellsandPalmTrees says:

What a great place to grow up !!

Billy Earney says:

great video!

D Mike says:

Great Video……I was Hoping Youd Do a Video or Talk a LIL On Introducing New Members to the Flock and The Best way not to Stress them Out,…Any Tips r Tricks Would Be Appreciated……..thank you for the Great Info in these Videos……..And Just My Two Cents but i think You Should let thing 1 Start a Channel I see Lots of Childers in the Comment Section, N they Need a Good Channel, with a Good Message,…..Buy the Way,,,,,,,GREAT JOB ON THE TURKEYS BOYS!!!!…KEEP UP THE HARD WORK!…………

Makayla The Animal Girl says:

you should get a dog as a pet. Or milking goats they are cheap and give lots of milk

Scratch Made Homestead says:

Can't wait for the webinar!

Jansta Gamsta says:

Fresh chicken manure is more on the nitrate side so you have to let it settle with some carbon example, wood chippins, mulch or the compost pile you made just wanted to let you know to have healthy plants.:)

Aljaž Plankl says:

Animals here burrow under… If i would keep them in structure without bottom i would loose them all. It's letting you know what's happening here and it's partly also a question to you if you don't worry at all. I know you have electric fence in this case, but as i saw you had cornish cross without fence… interesting.

Skaismith Living Narcissist Free says:

Thanks to you, we now call our chickens Dinos, LOL!

Noelo Yruma says:

I'm one of your fan, and fallower of you video, I'm a pilipino… thanks

Saturn Inc says:

lovely video! Is great how teh chickens help out so much to clean the land and fertilize the ground. Say, why do your kids where t-shirts when they go out swimming? Is not cold up there is it?!?!? Take care ya' all!

motocephalic says:

Justin, you got great videos and a great family. I appreciate your whole approach, thanks

Rich Booth says:

+Justin Rhodes I am a first time chicken wrangler, and am in an urban neighborhood. Being in RI, I have RI Reds, Astro's and Easter eggs. They are about 7 weeks old, eating bugs, dirt bathing and all them other chicken things that I have learned they are supposed to do from your vlog. (they don't watch your vlogs, but somehow know what to do… some pretty intelligent design there). I know it's hard for you to answer questions, so understand if you don't, but I have 2…
1. When they grow to full size are hawks still a concern? How do you protect them from aerial attack when out in the open?

2. I know I've got a few years before they stop being layers, but when they do, what is their fate? Retired, hanging around or a trip to "the farm". They can't be edible that far out, can they? My son made the mistake of naming them. Chicken breast in a Styrofoam package from the grocery doesn't have a name.

Chris Barton says:

You often talk about the chickens tilling the soil. What is tilling as you understand it? In my experience, chickens don't turn over and oxygenate soil. in fact they actually sort of compress the top layer of soil a bit. Yes they'll get rid of weeds etc but not actually till.

javier Costilla says:

do u clip the turkeys wings or no after release so they wont fly off.not necesrly fly but u know wat i mean

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