Rutherford & Pinkie – Ponies and yaks friends? For a thousand moons?

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MLP FiM My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
S05E11 S05 E11 Season 5 Episode 11 Party Pooped
Prince Rutherford – Ponies and yaks… friends?
Pinkie Pie – For a thousand moons?
Prince Rutherford – For a thousand moons!


Tambry 0152 says:

If my highly calculative skills are correct, they are gonna be friends for next 83 years.

Kari Games 4 Girls says:

Where is the second season?

Vortex Traveller. says:

1001 moon later, the yaks invade equestria

Denjired says:

Let's celebrate by lifting one leg in the air and swaying back and forth!:)

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