Lacey the alpaca cuddles with the cats! She may even think she is a cat!

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Lacey was our bottle fed alpaca and grew up with the cats on our deck and thought she was one of them :-) She would cuddle up and sleep with them making the worlds warmest pile of fuzz! lol

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Leslie from A to Z Alpacas

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ombroso1000 says:

Cats and alpacas. Cuteness overload :3

Mary Whiteside says:

Thank is so freakin cute!!!!!

KatieVanHelsing says:

Lacey is my spirit animal. :) I feel like I am llama who think she's a kitty! 😀 

satchmodan says:


Spookylady says:

What a cutie!

vid4fun says:

To the 5 people that voted down this video, get a life! Grow compassion and stop being so bitter! If this video did not melt your heart you're either a freak or just heartless.

sunshinegirl1967 says:

So cute!  

Darren Battern says:


Kari MacDonald says:

Sooo adorable!

Amanda McMillen says:

This is what I am going to watch anytime I am sad now! Thank you!!!

Noelle Jordan says:

Beautiful alpaca – sweet video.

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