Suad Pan Yaks Ritual to Remove Black Magic – Thai Buddha Magic

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A synopsis and revelatory explanation of the Suad Pan Yaks Ritual.

The Suad Pan Yaks Ritual to Remove Black Magic The Atanatiya Paritta, or Kata Suad Pan Yaks, is used in the Suad Pan Yaks (summoning of the Yaksa) is a Thai Buddhist Ritual to remove bad Karma and black magic influences.


jennifer foulbrains says:

This actually works. I was skeptical at first, but I felt great after listening.

Marie france Madrigal says:

it helps me a lot…I feel very good…^^…Thank you My dearest budha

Lobsang Gawa says:

In moment like this song

small units says:

Thank you for posting this, I am victim to black magic from few sources. THrough consistent chanting and meditation, I think I am keeping things in control. I tried listening to this to see if it brings extra help. While listening to this, my left ear itched, inside my nostrils itched. My left hand and left leg twitched, and i find myself being able to take deeper breaths like my lung capacity increased, i dunno but that could be my body relaxing from meditating on the kata. And near the end, I have this vision, the face of a man in his mid-20s. Never met him before. Could he be one of the black magic source? (Maybe he is you heheh). Is this normal? I definitely feel lighter though. Thank you again.

May Ping Leong says:

Beautiful and vocally nice..Thank  you for sharing

kevin latawiec says:

Amazing, thank you

Corpo DeFerro (Cor) says:

Reminds me of Balinese rituals style

VajraFist says:

Exceptionally powerful,what an honor to hear this sacred katha.Thank you for posting this spectacular video and thank you for your excellent explanation. 

Sir Whistler Bhagwan says:

That felt good.

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