War Thunder – How to fly the Yak-3 in Arcade

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This plane with a reputation of being an OP UFO, yet it flies differently to earlier Yaks & it can be surprisingly difficult to run up large kill streaks. In this guide I look at the unique strengths & weaknesses of the Yak-3 and demonstrate tactics to help you get the most out of the plane in Arcade battles.

The music is by Ciro Manna – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0wQpf3iIbg

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likemynewname says:

He didn't put out the oil leak, lol. He ran out of oil. If this was realistic he'd be out of the match very quickly.

Taylor Warren says:

i took down two of these planes with the p47d 28 in rb in two headons

Marco Martini says:

StickyNoob here, it would be a pleasure some day to get my pixel aircraft teared to pieces by yours! great vids!

Noneofyourbussiness:) says:

Why the hell people play arcade battles when you've got Simulator battles in War Thunder, thats where you really experience flying, at least play Realistic!!!

AsBadAsBot says:

Yak3 and Yak3P aren't op
They're just ridiculously undertiered
They should be fighting Bf109 G6 and higher
Same with late fw190


Chief Janitor says:

I hate how people think russian planes are so OP. Sure, some of them are great, but definetly not all, even with the yaks. They are good for new players, but have much less potential than something with more ammo. Worst of all, the russian trees – both plane and tank – are super inneficient to research. For instance, your best yak may have a battle rating of 5.3, whereas in other branches such as attackers or La's, you might be at 3.3. And with tanks, I have no idea why someone would say why russians are OP. Sure, they may have some good vehicles such at t34s, but its nearly not worth it for the other neccesary sacrifices. For instance, I gave up after following the research tree, and ending up with vehicles of BR 1.3, 1.7, and 2.7 – literaly unplayable. In the end, there will always be a 'best' nation, which will always be picked on by people beaten by it. I agree why people hate yaks, but seriously russian tanks? I have had experience with russian and british planes, and am an average pilot, and really don't see why russia is rated so highly. I wish to make it clear that this is just my opinion. Unless you come to build on my idea, or reply with constructive criticism, just don't reply. But srsly what am I doing only like 1 person will ever read this.

UltraGamerPlus says:

Great video Longshot, this probably has inspired me to start a WT channel.

astafzciba says:

someone help i can not find the ammo indicator option in wt

Marco Lammen says:

Why The 800m convenance i tought it doesnt matter on nose mounted guns ? Nice vid btw

Bent Hestad says:

Good flying Sir! One of my favourites, the Yak-3. 1300 bhp, very well streamlined and just 2100 kg, no wonder it performs well:-) Armament sufficient. Yak 3 and AirDom= happiness.
The bf 109 F4 needs a good pilot to be better, the Spit 2b even more so.

alex Mon says:

Super Plane Russia….

cbn620 says:

In my experience the Yaks used to burn for days or put themselves out, but a few updates ago something changed. It was around the same time that I noticed the game seemed to get a bit more burn-y in general, with more fires showing up across the board and more burn-downs occurring. It definitely seems to me that the Yaks are pretty susceptible to catching alight now, although my feeling is that they're a bit more likely to extinguish than some other comparable planes. So far I think the worst planes for burning, again, completely anecdotal here, are the Cobras and the Corsairs.

yolo_GUK1 PR says:

hey :)
you got some really good and helpful videos ! dont saw your cannel before :/ strange…
I wanted to thank you for the small stage you gave me in your cannel,so thanks.
keep those videos coming im gonna watch and learn from them.
have a great day,daniel.

maffiaboy13 says:

Never thought this would be usefull, so i subscribed to your channel

Elizabeth Sumner says:

Hi Dad. Hope you're enjoying flying planes. (:

Finnbogi Rútur Finnbogason says:

Good evening M. Longshot,

Could you provide a video that includes the keyboard actions that you use to execute these manoeuvres ? I try my best to apply your procedures but have difficulties replicating them or any semblance of them. I am successful with many of the basic or more developed tricks but lack the finesse . Perhaps an instructor (video), much as with flight, sail or driving exams, of the exact performances and their duration / sequence could help guide me to your level.

Thank you in advance,

Watch your six


Rutur (from Iceland)

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