Coming Soon 5 New Traditional Model Horses 2016 Breyer Horses – Honeyheartsc Video

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New mid year Breyer horses are coming soon!!! I’m so excited for these new traditional models: Svali Frá Tjörn, BHR Bryants Jake, Brunello, National Reining Horse 50th Anniversary Special, and Poltergeist – 2016 Halloween Horse that glows in the dark!

Unboxing Pony Gals Princess Kayla Fantasy Adventures comes with 2 pearl stablemates Breyer horses a queen and a princess.

Play Star Stable online with me:

Breyer Stablemates are getting together for a summer pool party!

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Potato Horse Reviews And Gameplay! says:

Are some of these classics?

Miranda Leclair says:

I love bronello and Jake there so cute and gorges

Jim'sBonanzaBoy Breyer says:

The heart was on the Spotted Draft Horse!!!

snowfur 73 says:

honeyheartc your da best

unicorn girl X 41 says:

you are the best and can you check out my videos it's called Unicorn girl X 41

Country Horse says:

Will they be regular runs?

Larisa Moldovan says:


QueenElsa Of Arendelle says:

Neeeed!! Omg, these are gorgeous.

Jessica Johnston says:

This was uploaded on my birthday yay which was yesterday I got so many schleich !!

Horselover101 Miller says:

I'm so excited for those models

Madi Zupan says:

I won't them all were is beryerfest this year

Lisa Soldatke says:

Hi honey hearts c ! love your videos

Kiana Ohlsson says:

It was Jake the heart was on jake

PineNeedleStables says:

I love the first one! Is it the Elska mold??

HorsesRock2468 :D says:

I love the reigning horse

MegaKillerwhales says:

love all of them.Great video

Sara Naughton says:

The heart was on Jakes hindquarters

suki storm says:

i am in looovvveee with the Icelandic and Hanoverian. definitely on my wish list this year✔. but they are all beautiful

Kymberly Griffiths says:

I like the all Carly

Christina Madalina says:

I love schleich


What toy are us you went to

Jessica Forest says:

This horses are soooo cool!!! You are awesome

Lottie Cat says:

i love the Tölting pose icelandic Horse

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