How To Select Beef Cattle for your Farm –

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If you’re in the market for cattle, there are a few things you need to know before making your first purchase. Our video features Rod Gilbert, assistant professor of animal science and livestock operation manager at Delaware Valley College who explains what to look for in good beef cattle.

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Kyla Stogsdill says:

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celticmagiclady says:

I'm looking into getting cows, what is the difference between meat cows and dairy other than getting milk from a diary cow. Like, can I also eat a dairy cow & if so i s it just not as much meat or something?

I helped raise meat cows as a child, but never really learned much of the differences.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

Space Cowboy says:

I spoke to a cow once about their religion. The cow said they believe that they reincarnate as humans. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. The cow dies, the human eats the meat and then the cow becomes part of the human. Strange how that is if you really think about it.

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Seagal Fan says:

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brian zyburabrian says:

You show some useful information but I did not like that  nonsensical background music.

MrDunkiemon says:

This sounds like a cattle beauty contest. And the winner is…………

ziggyman297 says:

Good info, but could have done without the porno music in the background.

Rhiahl says:

Not that I think Lawrence here has a point, but, as a small farm producing for us, I don't only look for the sheer volume of beef an animal produces. I need an animal that will provide it, but I need an animal that is a good forager, eats less or feeds well in a mountainous area. I looked into the miniatures, they would be great for me. But, in Montana where big beef is king, production would be a challenge without a bull. We went with Galloways, and keep between 3 – 5 cow/calf pairs.

Duncan Macleoud says:

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SamDM1 says:

Cheap ass cattle farmer who doesn't want to provide the right feed for the cattle.

SamDM1 says:

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joe elchagie says:

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Lawrence Kelley says:

There's more to it than size and proportion buddy. Breed stock where it came from, medications needed for various breeds, expected weight gain and net product weight, best feed-to-growth breeds, much more than you say here. We're not sixth-graders out here researching this topic. This video tells very little that a hobby farmer needs to really know before selecting a breed and maintaining it. Try harder next time. And dont' forget to mention miniature Black Angus for hobby farms. They do well.

Lawrence Kelley says:

Take out the STUPID backgroound music!!! We're here to listen to intelligent advise not stupid background music that goes up and down like some high school kid put it together. The quality of your video is going to generate respect, not this one for sure. This is very poorly put together. Also, get real and tell us which breeds are best for hobby farms or small family farms. Not word said about that. Some breeds no one should buy for beef production.

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