Forsen Reacts to Pajlada’s Three Little Pigs Story

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Pajlada is Forsen’s tech guy and apparently pretty good at being a roleplayer. Pajlada roleplayed out the classic fairytale called ‘Three Little Pigs’, with ForsenE as the wolf. And this is Forsen’s reaction to that stream moment.

Give Pajlada some love here:

The original clip here –

Forsen’s Twitch:

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Outtro vid –
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Alexey Klevtsov says:

Pure Gold haHAA

Simon “OuterHeavenSoldier” Kure says:

BabyRage Pajlada BabyRage

Nocturno says:

'you'll never get in!'
Pajlada 2016

that's what she said

GWKasterr says:


SeayKOo says:

1 pig of lethal :^)

ma frend says:

1 Pig of lethal!!! Never Lucky BabyRage

Arzos says:

i just watched a roleplayer watching an roleplayer atleast the end was fun

Ronderp says:

im never fucking lucky in this fucking game

SkyFireYZ says:

3:20 #1 captions

Abyssic1 says:

that was pretty nice ^^ nice subs also

Sep Kartsten says:

haHAA //

El “SirGrig” Grig says:

Thanks for watching ResidentSleeperThanks for donating ResidentSleeperThanks for buying T-shirt ResidentSlepeerTop Kek LMAOGonna make some food

faigorable says:

Are you mocking me?!

KingJM85 says:

Kappa &&

FreshPwncakez says:

"We have our right fist in Linkin Park" 10/10 subtitles

Emil Wallin says:

HAHAHAHA WTF was he drunk?

StayCalm :) says:

did he talk to pajlada after seing this? would really love to listen to that 4Head

skyzsolstice says:

That was fucking amazing

EatSkrubsForBreakfast LoL says:

why did he say something like "we have a right fist in Linkin park"?

It was me Dio ! says:


Chaotic4Neutral says:

this gave me autism forsenE

Chemburlek says:


sarftie says:

oh my fucking lord, I'm fucking crying, there's tears all over my keyboard

Cosminen says:

This was golden! :)

FatesOfDestiny says:

pajlada the god

Селиванов Дмитрий says:

Brilliant LUL

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